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MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator into Pathways

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JobID: EXAMPLE_human

***  human highlight genes  ***

hsa Homo sapiens (human)

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Pathway hsa00010

[click here to view the annotated map for this pathway]

Annotated peak data

  • Listed here are all compounds on pathway map hsa00010;
  • Compounds that are identified on pathway map hsa00010 are highlighted in red;
  • Alternative identifications (if any) are listed in grey;
  • Other KEGG pathways in which an identified compound appears are given in the last column of each table.

[click here to view the annotated map for this pathway]

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K. Suhre and P. Schmitt-Kopplin, MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator Into Pathways, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 36, Web Server issue, W481-W484, 2008.

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