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MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator into Pathways

This is MassTRIX reloaded, the 3rd version of MassTRIX.

The jobs on the old server remain still available at this link.
Should you encounter any unexpected behaviour, please let us know!

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ID (recent jobs first)job descriptionownerstatus
EXAMPLE_yeastyeast all pathways neg mode (Br-, Cl-) highlight genesadminfinished
EXAMPLE_human_4annotated compounds/enzymesadminfinished
EXAMPLE_human_3human sageadminfinished
EXAMPLE_human_2human all pathways pos mode (Na+, K+) incl. Gene Expression analysis for HuGene Chip (log fold change 2.0)adminfinished
EXAMPLE_humanhuman highlight genesadminfinished
EXAMPLE_compare_2human all pathways pos mode case2adminfinished
EXAMPLE_compare_1human all pathways pos mode case1adminfinished
2211260151457433no job-idunknownfinished
2211260151377416no job-idunknownfinished
2211260126166534no job-idunknownfinished
2211260125286451no job-idunknownfinished
22112523135131762no job-idunknownfinished
22112523123631668no job-idunknownfinished
22112511445026270glo1 25.11 com pontounknownfinished
22112511440126240wild type 25.11 com pontounknownfinished
22112511390325964no job-idunknownfinished
22112511380325840wild type 25.11unknownfinished
22112510071822269no job-idunknownfinished
22112510045621814no job-idunknownfinished
2211242034058286glo1 24.11unknownfinished
2211242032588125wild type 24.11unknownfinished
22112412223512361no job-idunknownfinished
22112412201712209no job-idunknownfinished
22112400473115094no job-idunknownfinished
22112400300913255no job-idunknownfinished
22112318220111143no job-idunknownfinished
22112300000221013no job-idunknownfinished
22112216131321708no job-idunknownfinished
22112216113121563no job-idunknownfinished
22112215202218389no job-idunknownfinished
22112215201718376no job-idunknownfinished
22112215194318289no job-idunknownfinished
22112215191118274no job-idunknownfinished
22112214463716430no job-idunknownfinished
22112214062013713no job-idunknownfinished
22112213435212921no job-idunknownfinished
22112213175311661no job-idunknownfinished
22112213011110684no job-idunknownfinished
2211212004349440no job-idunknownfinished
2211212004299423no job-idunknownfinished
22112114511927016no job-idunknownfinished
2211211151066180no job-idunknownfinished
2211211141465618no job-idunknownfinished
2211181605544994no job-idunknownfinished
2211181601361303no job-idunknownfinished

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K. Suhre and P. Schmitt-Kopplin, MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator Into Pathways, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 36, Web Server issue, W481-W484, 2008.

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