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MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator into Pathways

This is MassTRIX reloaded, the 3rd version of MassTRIX.

The jobs on the old server remain still available at this link.
Should you encounter any unexpected behaviour, please let us know!

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Data upload

Upload a peak listhelp or annotated genes/compounds help
or paste your data into the field below
Scan modehelp
Na+ K+
Br- Cl-
Max. errorhelp
relative to input mass
Upload annotated masseshelp
Job information
You may enter a name for your job here. It will be used as a title for all output and to identify your job on the job status page.
job identifier, optionalhelp
By default, all jobs are visible to everyone via the job status page. However, if you wish your job to be kept private, activate the checkbox below (remember to keep track of your job-id in that case).
keep my job privatehelp

If you enter a pseudonym, this will be used to identify your jobs on the job status page.

Options: Pathway analysis and gene accentuation
Using this option will allow you to analyse the pathways of choice. One entry per line (e.g. 00010 for Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis).
Paste your pathway list into the field belowhelp
or upload a pathway list
Highlight the following elements on the maps. This list may contain KEGG gene identifiers from the organism you are working on, EC-numbers or reaction numbers using KEGG syntax (e.g. ec:, sce:YBR221C, ko:K01689), one entry per line.
Paste your gene list into the field belowhelp
or upload a gene list
Gene Expression
Upload Gene expression annotation (e.g SAGE) help
or paste your data into the field below


Select Affymetrix Chiphelp
Upload CEL-File1 (reference-file)
Upload CEL-File2
Gene Expression Options
value log-fold-change for normal expression:

KEGG Data is provided by the Kanehisa Laboratories for academic use. Any commercial use of KEGG data requires a license agreement from Pathway Solutions Inc. The Helmholtz Zentrum München imprint applies. If you find results from this site helpful for your research, please cite:

K. Suhre and P. Schmitt-Kopplin, MassTRIX: Mass TRanslator Into Pathways, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 36, Web Server issue, W481-W484, 2008.

This page is maintained by Brigitte Waegele and Karsten Suhre, last modification: 07 December 2011

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