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Welcome to the metaP-server !

The metaP server automates data analysis for the processing of metabolomics experiments.

If you already know this server, you can directly start a new job here:


Otherwise, go to the Documentation page for more information on how this server works. A work-through tutorial is provided on the Examples page. If you have already submitted jobs in the past, you can access these for at least 4 weeks by using the Job status page.

All feedback is welcome.

KEGG Data is provided by the Kanehisa Laboratories for academic use. Any commercial use of KEGG data requires a license agreement from Pathway Solutions Inc. The Helmholtz Zentrum München imprint applies.
If you find results from this site helpful for your research, please cite:

G. Kastenmüller, W. Römisch-Margl, B. Wägele, E. Altmaier, and K. Suhre, metaP-Server: A Web-Based Metabolomics Data Analysis Tool, J Biomed Biotechnol., pii: 839862. 2011, Epub 2010 Sep 5.

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