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JobID: 1606161612388064

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Metabolite: PC.aa.C38.4

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Analyte Report

PC aa C38:4
Kit-IDPC aa C38:4 (detailed report)
Kit-NamePC aa C38:4
Exact Mass809.59345528414
Names of Entries
of different databases
that fit to Biocrates
3,5,8-trioxa-4-phosphaoctacosa-13,16,19,22-tetraen-1-aminium, 4-hydroxy-n,n,n-trimethyl-9-oxo-7-[[(1-oxooctadecyl)oxy]methyl]-, inner salt, 4-oxide, (all-z)-|lc
1-stearoyl-2-arachidonoyl phosphatidylcholine|lc
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