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JobID: EXAMPLE_plasmaTypes

***  human-mouse-bovine plasma AbsIDQ  ***

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Sample: 400495932

400495932mouse pool plasmamouse pool plasma91887

Arg.PTC Gln.PTC Gly.PTC His.PTC Met.PTC Orn.PTC Phe.PTC Pro.PTC Ser.PTC Thr.PTC Trp.PTC Tyr.PTC Val.PTC xLeu.PTC C0 C10 C10.1 C10.2 C12 C12.DC C12.1 C14 C14.1 C14.1.OH C14.2 C16 C16.OH C16.1 C16.1.OH C16.2 C16.2.OH C18 C18.1 C18.1.OH C18.2 C2 C3 C3.OH C4 C5 C5.DC.C6.OH. C5.1 C6..C4.1.DC. C7.DC C8 C8.1 C9 H1 SM..OH..C14.1 SM..OH..C16.1 SM..OH..C22.1 SM..OH..C22.2 SM..OH..C24.1 SM.C16.0 SM.C16.1 SM.C18.0 SM.C18.1 SM.C20.2 SM.C22.3 SM.C24.0 SM.C24.1 SM.C26.0 SM.C26.1 PC.aa.C26.0 PC.aa.C28.1 PC.aa.C30.0 PC.aa.C30.2 PC.aa.C32.0 PC.aa.C32.1 PC.aa.C32.2 PC.aa.C32.3 PC.aa.C34.1 PC.aa.C34.2 PC.aa.C34.3 PC.aa.C34.4 PC.aa.C36.0 PC.aa.C36.1 PC.aa.C36.2 PC.aa.C36.3 PC.aa.C36.4 PC.aa.C36.5 PC.aa.C36.6 PC.aa.C38.0 PC.aa.C38.1 PC.aa.C38.3 PC.aa.C38.4 PC.aa.C38.5 PC.aa.C38.6 PC.aa.C40.1 PC.aa.C40.2 PC.aa.C40.3 PC.aa.C40.4 PC.aa.C40.5 PC.aa.C40.6 PC.aa.C42.0 PC.aa.C42.1 PC.aa.C42.2 PC.aa.C42.4 PC.aa.C42.5 PC.aa.C42.6 PC.ae.C30.0 PC.ae.C30.1 PC.ae.C30.2 PC.ae.C32.1 PC.ae.C32.2 PC.ae.C34.0 PC.ae.C34.1 PC.ae.C34.2 PC.ae.C34.3 PC.ae.C36.0 PC.ae.C36.1 PC.ae.C36.2 PC.ae.C36.3 PC.ae.C36.4 PC.ae.C36.5 PC.ae.C38.0 PC.ae.C38.1 PC.ae.C38.2 PC.ae.C38.3 PC.ae.C38.4 PC.ae.C38.5 PC.ae.C38.6 PC.ae.C40.0 PC.ae.C40.1 PC.ae.C40.2 PC.ae.C40.3 PC.ae.C40.4 PC.ae.C40.5 PC.ae.C40.6 PC.ae.C42.0 PC.ae.C42.1 PC.ae.C42.2 PC.ae.C42.3 PC.ae.C42.4 PC.ae.C42.5 PC.ae.C44.3 PC.ae.C44.4 PC.ae.C44.5 PC.ae.C44.6 lysoPC.a.C14.0 lysoPC.a.C16.0 lysoPC.a.C16.1 lysoPC.a.C17.0 lysoPC.a.C18.0 lysoPC.a.C18.1 lysoPC.a.C18.2 lysoPC.a.C20.3 lysoPC.a.C20.4 lysoPC.a.C24.0 lysoPC.a.C26.0 lysoPC.a.C26.1 lysoPC.a.C28.0 lysoPC.a.C28.1

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