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JobID: 14100715512813318

***  human-mouse-bovine plasma AbsIDQ  ***

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400416775human plasma
400416858mouse pool plasma
400416931bovine plasma
400417014bovine plasma
400417091human plasma
400417173mouse pool plasma
400417339human plasma
400417411mouse pool plasma
400417498bovine plasma
400416780mouse pool plasma
400416862bovine plasma
400416945mouse pool plasma
400417029human plasma
400417101mouse pool plasma
400417261bovine plasma
400417343mouse pool plasma
400417426bovine plasma
400417509mouse pool plasma
400417585human plasma
400416794bovine plasma
400416877human plasma
400416950human plasma
400417033mouse pool plasma
400417192bovine plasma
400417275human plasma
400417358bovine plasma
400417431human plasma
400417513human plasma
400417590mouse pool plasma
400416805human plasma
400416881mouse pool plasma
400416964mouse pool plasma
400417048bovine plasma
400417121bovine plasma
400417203human plasma
400417280mouse pool plasma
400417445mouse pool plasma
400417528bovine plasma
400417601human plasma
400416810mouse pool plasma
400416979bovine plasma
400417052human plasma
400417135human plasma
400417218mouse pool plasma
400417294bovine plasma
400417377human plasma
400417450bovine plasma
400417532mouse pool plasma
400417615bovine plasma
400416907bovine plasma
400416983human plasma
400417067mouse pool plasma
400417140mouse pool plasma
400417222bovine plasma
400417305human plasma
400417381mouse pool plasma
400417464human plasma
400417547bovine plasma
400417620mouse pool plasma
400416839bovine plasma
400416911human plasma
400416998mouse pool plasma
400417154bovine plasma
400417237human plasma
400417310mouse pool plasma
400417396bovine plasma
400417551human plasma
400417634human plasma
400416761bovine plasma
400416843human plasma
400416926mouse pool plasma
400417086bovine plasma
400417169human plasma
400417241mouse pool plasma
400417324bovine plasma
400417407human plasma
400417483mouse pool plasma
400417649bovine plasma
400418599human plasma
400418671mouse pool plasma
400418754bovine plasma
400418837bovine plasma
400418910human plasma
400418996mouse pool plasma
400419152human plasma
400419235mouse pool plasma
400419318bovine plasma
400418600mouse pool plasma
400418686bovine plasma
400418769mouse pool plasma
400418841human plasma
400418924mouse pool plasma
400419084bovine plasma
400419167mouse pool plasma
400419240bovine plasma
400419322mouse pool plasma
400419405human plasma
400418614bovine plasma
400418691human plasma
400418773human plasma
400418856mouse pool plasma
400419012bovine plasma
400419099human plasma
400419171bovine plasma
400419254human plasma
400419337human plasma
400419410mouse pool plasma
400418629human plasma
400418701mouse pool plasma
400418788mouse pool plasma
400418861bovine plasma
400418943bovine plasma
400419027human plasma
400419100mouse pool plasma
400419269mouse pool plasma
400419341bovine plasma
400419424human plasma
400418633mouse pool plasma
400418792bovine plasma
400418875human plasma
400418958human plasma
400419031mouse pool plasma
400419114bovine plasma
400419191human plasma
400419273bovine plasma
400419356mouse pool plasma
400419439bovine plasma
400418721bovine plasma
400418803human plasma
400418880mouse pool plasma
400418962mouse pool plasma
400419046bovine plasma
400419129human plasma
400419201mouse pool plasma
400419288human plasma
400419361bovine plasma
400419443mouse pool plasma
400418652bovine plasma
400418735human plasma
400418818mouse pool plasma
400418977bovine plasma
400419051human plasma
400419133mouse pool plasma
400419216bovine plasma
400419375human plasma
400419458human plasma
400418584bovine plasma
400418667human plasma
400418740mouse pool plasma
400418905bovine plasma
400418981human plasma
400419065mouse pool plasma
400419148bovine plasma
400419221human plasma
400419303mouse pool plasma
400419462bovine plasma
400495399human plasma
400495471mouse pool plasma
400495554bovine plasma
400495637bovine plasma
400495710human plasma
400495796mouse pool plasma
400495951human plasma
400496035mouse pool plasma
400496118bovine plasma
400495400mouse pool plasma
400495486bovine plasma
400495569mouse pool plasma
400495641human plasma
400495724mouse pool plasma
400495883bovine plasma
400495966mouse pool plasma
400496040bovine plasma
400496122mouse pool plasma
400496205human plasma
400495414bovine plasma
400495491human plasma
400495573human plasma
400495656mouse pool plasma
400495811bovine plasma
400495898human plasma
400495971bovine plasma
400496054human plasma
400496137human plasma
400496210mouse pool plasma
400495429human plasma
400495501mouse pool plasma
400495588mouse pool plasma
400495661bovine plasma
400495743bovine plasma
400495826human plasma
400495909mouse pool plasma
400496069mouse pool plasma
400496141bovine plasma
400496224human plasma
400495433mouse pool plasma
400495592bovine plasma
400495675human plasma
400495758human plasma
400495831mouse pool plasma
400495913bovine plasma
400495990human plasma
400496073bovine plasma
400496156mouse pool plasma
400496239bovine plasma
400495521bovine plasma
400495603human plasma
400495680mouse pool plasma
400495762mouse pool plasma
400495845bovine plasma
400495928human plasma
400496001mouse pool plasma
400496088human plasma
400496161bovine plasma
400496243mouse pool plasma
400495452bovine plasma
400495535human plasma
400495618mouse pool plasma
400495777bovine plasma
400495850human plasma
400495932mouse pool plasma
400496016bovine plasma
400496175human plasma
400496258human plasma
400495384bovine plasma
400495467human plasma
400495540mouse pool plasma
400495705bovine plasma
400495781human plasma
400495864mouse pool plasma
400495947bovine plasma
400496021human plasma
400496103mouse pool plasma
400496262bovine plasma

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