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JobID: 1606161612388064

***  P1_male  ***

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1014464050m 240mt
1014464064m 240mt
1014464031m 240wt
1014464045m 240wt
1014434583m 240.5wt
1014434598m 240.5wt
1014434609m 240.5mt
1014434613m 240.5mt
101443729004 h0.5mt
101443730104 h0.5mt
101443448124 h0.5mt
101443449624 h0.5mt
1014434526m 120.5mt
1014434531m 120.5mt
1014434564m 180.5mt
1014434579m 180.5mt
101443727104 h0.5wt
101443728504 h0.5wt
101443731524 h0.5wt
101443447724 h0.5wt
1014434507m 120.5wt
1014434511m 120.5wt
1014434545m 180.5wt
1014434550m 180.5wt
101446387404 h0wt
101446388904 h0wt
101446391924 h0wt
101446392324 h0wt
1014463957m 120wt
1014463961m 120wt
1014463995m 180wt
1014464007m 180wt
101446389304 h0mt
101446390404 h0mt
101446393824 h0mt
1014463942m 120mt
1014463981m 120mt
1014464011m 180mt
1014464026m 180mt
1014437228m 240.125wt
1014437232m 240.125wt
1014437251m 240.125mt
1014437266m 240.125mt
1014464249m 240.063wt
1014464253m 240.063wt
1014464268m 240.063mt
1014464272m 240.063mt
101446428704 h0.125wt
101446429104 h0.125wt
101446432124 h0.125wt
101446452524 h0.125wt
1014437145m 120.125wt
1014437150m 120.125wt
1014437183m 180.125wt
1014437198m 180.125wt
101446430204 h0.125mt
101446431704 h0.125mt
101447915324 h0.125mt
101443713124 h0.125mt
1014437164m 120.125mt
1014437179m 120.125mt
1014437209m 180.125mt
1014437213m 180.125mt
101446407904 h0.063wt
101446409804 h0.063wt
101446412824 h0.063wt
101446413224 h0.063wt
1014464166m 120.063wt
1014464171m 120.063wt
1014464201m 180.063wt
1014464215m 180.063wt
101446410904 h0.063mt
101446411304 h0.063mt
101446414724 h0.063mt
101446415124 h0.063mt
1014464185m 120.063mt
1014464190m 120.063mt
1014464220m 180.063mt
1014464234m 180.063mt

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