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JobID: 16061616383514696

***  P2_female  ***

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1014434753m 120mutant
101443487404 h0.063wt
101443493824 h0.063mutant
1014434802m 180mutant
1014435253m 240.125mutant
1014435007m 180.063mutant
101443509804 h0.125wt
1014435166m 120.125wt
1014434734m 120wt
101443527204 h0.5wt
1014435404m 180.5mutant
1014435026m 240.063wt
1014434772m 180wt
101443529104 h0.5mutant
1014434841m 240mutant
101443511304 h0.125mutant
101443489304 h0.063mutant
101443471524 h0mutant
101443515124 h0.125mutant
101443534124 h0.5mutant
1014435438m 240.5wt
101443510904 h0.125mutant
1014435185m 120.125mutant
1014434836m 240mutant
101443469024 h0wt
101443486004 h0.063wt
101443466604 h0wt
101443531724 h0.5wt
101443508304 h0.125wt
101443532124 h0.5wt
101443488904 h0.063mutant
1014435234m 240.125wt
1014435374m 120.5mutant
1014435457m 240.5mutant
1014434957m 120.063wt
101443533624 h0.5mutant
1014435171m 120.125wt
101443514724 h0.125mutant
1014435031m 240.063wt
1014435249m 240.125mutant
1014435442m 240.5mutant
1014434791m 180mutant
101443492324 h0.063mutant
1014435190m 120.125mutant
101443491924 h0.063wt
1014435423m 240.5wt
1014435360m 120.5wt
101443530204 h0.5mutant
1014434821m 240wt
101443470124 h0wt
101443467104 h0mutant
1014435355m 120.5wt
1014435201m 180.125wt
101443513224 h0.125wt
1014434787m 180wt
1014435389m 120.5mutant
101443512824 h0.125wt
1014434817m 240wt
1014435215m 180.125wt
1014434976m 120.063mutant
1014435419m 180.5mutant
1014434749m 120wt
1014435393m 180.5wt
1014435045m 180.125mutant
1014434942m 120.063wt
101443490424 h0.063wt
1014434981m 180.063wt
101443468504 h0mutant
1014434961m 120.063mutant
1014434995m 180.063wt
101443472024 h0mutant
1014435011m 180.063mutant
1014435064m 240.063mutant
1014435220m 180.125mutant
1014434768m 120mutant
101443528704 h0.5wt
1014435079m 240.063mutant

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