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Data upload
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Job information
You may enter a name for your job here. It will be used as a title for all output and to identify your job on the job status page.
job identifier, optionalhelp
By default, all jobs are kept privat (remember to keep track of your job-id). To make jobs visible to everyone via the job status page, untick the checkbox below.
keep my job privatehelp
If you wish to be notified by e-mail once your job is finished, enter your e-mail address into the field below (recommended if your job is kept private). Your e-mail will never be shown on the internet and is used ONLY to notify you about your job status. If you enter a pseudonym (any name without a @ character), this will be used to identify your jobs on the job status page.
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Data analysis (optional)
Phenotype data for statistical analysis (hypothesis tests etc.)
Paste your phenotype data into the field belowhelp
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Auxiliary data that can be used for setting further parameters may be uploaded here
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KEGG Data is provided by the Kanehisa Laboratories for academic use. Any commercial use of KEGG data requires a license agreement from Pathway Solutions Inc.
The Helmholtz Zentrum München imprint applies.

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