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Connecting genetic risk to disease endpoints through the human blood plasma proteome


Proteome annotation
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Supplemental Files

Dataset File name Size Description
Supplemental Figure 6 SupplementalFigure6.pdf.zip 34.39M Regional association plots for all significant cis and trans associations using 1000 Genome Project imputed genotypes in KORA (discovery cohort). Linkage disequilibrium information is based on within-population observations. Functional annotations of variant effects provided by SNiPA v3.1.
File contains individual PDF files stored in a ZIP archive.
SupplementalFigure6.png.zip 82.54M File contains individual PNG files stored in a ZIP archive.
SupplementalFigure6.tsv.zip 421.61M File contains the association data used to generate the plots as tab-separated text files stored in a ZIP archive.
Supplemental Figure 8 SupplementalFigure8.zip 5.60M Histograms and boxplots using three different scaling methods (raw, log2, inverse-normal) with association data and allele counts for all 539 significant SNP-protein associations in KORA and 462 replication attempts in QMDiab.
File contains PDF files stored in a ZIP archive.
Supplemental Figure 9 SupplementalFigure9.pdf 18.59M SNiPA annotations ("SNiPA cards") for 435 (out of 451) sentinel SNPs that are contained in SNiPA v3.1. Annotations are based on the 1000 Genome Project phase 3 version 5 variant set and Ensembl 82 annotations.
File contains all SNiPA cards merged into a single PDF file.
SupplementalFigure9.pdf.zip 22.01M File contains individual PDF files stored in a ZIP archive.
All associations suhre.pgwas.koraf4.tar 9.62G TAR archive contains a gzipped genome-wide association results file for each of the 1,124 protein levels (inverse-normal distributed) as determined in the discovery cohort (KORA F4), sorted by p-values in descending order.
Columns 1 and 2 depict the Somalogic sequence ID and the target's name (see list of targets), columns 3 and above are in PLINK output format (CHR, SNP, BP, A1, TEST, NMISS, BETA, STAT, P; see PLINK documentation).
Probe annotations probeanno.json 2.68M File contains the mapping of Somalogic-IDs to targets as well as further annotations. File format: JSON.
probeanno.tsv 1.72M JSON-file reformatted as tab-delimited text file. Multiple entries are separated by "|".
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If you are using Linux or macOS, enter
sudo docker run -p 80:80 -v "$PWD":/var/www/html php:5.6-apache
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